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Boobs on top and gay below. Mewtwo is literally doing the ‘take me’

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Uh… does anyone have a clue how to view the full-size version of this, and if so could you please send it to me? I have a Pixiv account, but I got a message stating that this artist’s gallery is private.

This is by far the best Ai fanart I have ever seen. The artwork itself is gorgeous — so rich with color, and everything is incredibly well-drawn. But I think what I love best is that Ai is truly the star in this, not Mewtwo. 

Damn… let’s analyze this.

The photograph of the town is symbolic of where Ai once lived. It may also represent the possible location of where she died, as the radio drama states that she was the victim of a car accident.

The photograph of Ai with her parents suggests that she came from what was once a happy, successful family. Dr. Fuji was a highly intelligent scientist, whose love for bioengineering and genetics was only surpassed by his adoration for his wife and daughter. Ai’s nameless mother also shared this love for their daughter, but had to make the earth-shattering decision of leaving her husband after his descent into obsession to bring Ai back.

And Ai herself… here is a character who holds so much depth, had only she been able to live. As her original self, she is a carefree and happy child — and is even completely selfless as she passes away before her father’s eyes (right after the car accident, she is still more focused on her father’s agony than on her approaching last breath). And as a clone, she accepts her eventual fate as she cares for and educates Mewtwo.

Fans are quick to point out Mewtwo’s suffering as a result of Ai’s death, but there is another underlying theme: what, exactly, defines individuality. For Ai (or perhaps I should say Aitwo), she is viewed by Mewtwo as a single entity — as one soul. Yet for Dr. Fuji, she is nothing more than a replacement — another attempt to bring back his daughter. He even says that her death is not an issue because he has Ai’s DNA, so he can continue to clone her again and again.

And what becomes of Dr. Fuji? Oh, we all know this. Mewtwo kills him — the very man who brought about his existence; the same man who brought about the Ai that Mewtwo cherished.

Yep… that’s why “The Birth of Mewtwo” radio drama is the masterpiece of the Pocket Monsters anime (in my opinion, anyway), and why Ai is my favorite character.



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Oh…oh my god, it’s so beautiful!  

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A cute picture of Mew and Mega Mewtwo by request.

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It always startles me when you do that.

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Okay, Luna from Mewtwo Returns and the bus driver from same movie, Luka, share the same last name.

Luna and Luka Carson. Are they related and they just kinda forgot to mention it? Or could they be a lesbian married couple??? We just don’t know.

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I am so weak when it’s about Mewtwo

this is 600% mewtwo returns

I’m laughing so hard about the kawaii machines ofmg

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Purple has long been considered a royal color so it is not surprising that amethyst (February birthstone) has been so much in demand during history and the accepted gemstone for the 4th, 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. Fine amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and were also a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian royalty


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