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Every time I click on this blog, I’m clicking on Mewtwo’s crotch. Explain this, Obama

You’re welcome - Obama

Thanks, Obama

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I’ve never played a Sonic the Hedgehog game and the only one I voluntarily will play is Sonic: Lost World and only if I have the dlc that turns everything into Legend of Zelda.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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this extremely pregnant person at the doc’s office today had a 1 year old lil kid with them and the kid was misbehaving so much I wanted to rip out my uterus then and there


do not want

it was next to impossible to be able to do my ear training assignments when my nephew was 1-2 years old. A crying and screaming baby while trying to listen to the movements between two notes was absolutely impossible and was the toughest 2 years. I was ready to quit as a music major and get my tubes tied  ( ͡°; ͜ʖ ͡°;)

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too bad you can’t do long names in pokemon or I’d give my Mewtwos racehorse-style names like


  • Donuts On The Rise
  • Confetti Prince
  • Bring On The Snails
  • SSB4 Confirmed
  • Dot Com Collapse
  • Paradise By The Dashboard Light
  • Freudian Slippers
  • Internet Police
  • Soul Massage
  • Blood Clots And Tater Tots
  • One Faux The Money
  • Cool Ranch Doritos
  • Purple Spacecat
  • Nipple Clamps
  • 40 Kinks Of Sleep
  • Chicken Nuggies
  • Mega Milk Mewtwo
  • Internet Meme
  • Take Me Out Of Ohio

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Every time I click on this blog, I’m clicking on Mewtwo’s crotch. Explain this, Obama

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reblog so the guardians of smash may bless you and your loved ones

*Jaba the Hut voice* BRING ME THE MEWTWO NOW

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Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: Gender