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my taste in music


  • hardstyle
  • 90s rave
  • 90s trance
  • edm
  • pop punk
  • punk
  • metal
  • death metal
  • happy hardcore
  • nightcore
  • giovanni wearing latino appropriative clothing while surrounded by ludicolo

I may as well change my name to Mewtwo, the Tropical crotch

Mewtwo: i see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant. it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
Mew: mew


I am the only person on this planet who manages to make Sakaki look cute. Excuse me while I cry in a corner because I can’t draw intimidating or adult looking things …

Do not feel bad because I’ve been declared the only person on Earth who draws feminine Mewtwos :T


I am actually surprised she put up with me trying to get her to guess all 48 of these guys, but she did and this masterpiece is the final result. I still can’t get over her thinking Yoshi was Kirby, I mean, I could understand her mixing him up with Jigglypuff but… Yoshi?

Neil Patrick Harris confirmed…Okay, I forgive Nintendo for omitting my bae, Mewtwo


The leaks were real: Duck Hunt dog and these others dudes are in Smash Bros. ⊟

Thanks to people copping early copies of the game in Japan and streaming their playthroughs, we now know that the Duck Hunt dog (maybe a.k.a. Mr. Peepers) is in Smash Bros. He even brings back characters from NES’s Wild Gunman for his moves and final smash.

Other characters not yet formally announced but unlocked so far: Dr. Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, Wario, Dark Pit, and Ness. Ganondorf is in there, but I didn’t have room to fit him in the gallery.

Thanks to thedmonroeshow, sonicbrawler182, and Joel for the GIFs.

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases


Source: Pixiv

I inserted Ai tags because I’m guessing this is Ai (even though Ai has teal hair). It may just be any random little girl, though.

Considering the lighting in this alley, I think it would be safe to say the girl could be Ai. She could still have teal hair, but it’s not very noticeable because of the shadows in the alley.


The steelbooks look so good